“One Hell of a Night” Tour

“One Hell of a Night” Tour

I am severely behind in my concert review posts.  I do apologize.  I have no excuse for it.  Anyway, last month I saw some amazing concerts.  The first one I saw was not until May 20.  It was called “One Hell of a Night”, and it absolutely lived up to its name.  The main bands were Bad Company and Joe Walsh.  However, the opening act for them was a bit interesting.  I think, when you are an opener, you have to know that people are walking in while you are playing.  People will be talking while they are getting settled, and quite honestly, may or may not pay attention to you.  I have no idea who the guy that opened was.  I was one of those people that was looking for their seat while he was playing.  The venue was at the Forum in Inglewood, CA.  I was lucky enough to get a floor seat.  I had only been to the forum one other time, and that was alllllllllllllll the way in the very last row to see David Gilmour.  So, in short, I had no idea where I was going.  However, this poor guy with a guitar was playing on stage.  I’m also not quite sure how many songs he had played prior to my getting in there, but I only heard one song.  Let’s make it more fun though.  I was kind of getting pumped to hear what he could do.  Well.  He started a song, got frustrated because people were talking, said pretty much that, and then left the stage in a huff.  Just wow!  Sorry buddy, but you kind of had to know that people would be talking while you’re performing, right?  Oh well.  Moving on.

Bad Company was AWESOME.  I was psyched to see them because I had seen Simon Kirke play with Ringo Starr before, but I didn’t really know that much of the band…or so I thought.  Paul Rodgers.  Dude!  He looks fantastic for his age AND sounds great!  I was amazed at how many songs from Bad Company I actually knew.  My favorite song had to be when they actually performed the song “Bad Company”.  When Paul Rodgers started to play that baby grand piano it was just awesome.  In reality, their performance left me wanting more.  It was really good that Joe Walsh was up next.  I have wanted to see him perform for a long time, and I finally got the opportunity to do so.  I was not disappointed at all.  In fact, this was an experience of a life time.  This concert actually made me a Joe Walsh fan.  Yes, I liked him because of his work in The Eagles.  I had never heard any of the James Gang or his solo works.  However, he made that guitar sing.  Waddy Wachtel also played guitar with Joe Walsh.  He.  Is.  Amazing!  When they played together, it was just beautiful.  I love that Joe Walsh paid tribute to Glenn Frey with the song “Take It To The Limit”.  It really was so moving.  Many people were brought to tears that were around me.  Funny thing though.  I mentioned seeing Simon Kirke play with Ringo Starr many years ago.  Well.  Ringo played with Joe Walsh for one of the encore songs!  Rocky Mountain Way.  It was really cool to see Ringo playing drums for his brother in law, Joe Walsh.

All in all, this was a concert experience that I will never forget.  If I could do it again, I would.

Stay tuned for my next concert experience…seeing The Who!



A weekend of wonderful music

This past weekend I was lucky to be able to attend not one, but two concerts.  The concerts were for the Anderson Ponty Band.  The band itself is just amazing.  You have Jon Anderson (formerly from Yes) for the most part on vocals, Jean-Luc Ponty on violin, Jamie Glaser on guitar, Keith Jones on Bass, Wally Minko on keys and Rayford Griffin on drums.  All of these men are masters of their instruments.  They make their instruments sing and speak to your soul.

Now.  I say I went two concerts because it was really almost like seeing two different concerts.  Let me explain.  On April 30th, I saw the concert when it was only the second night of the tour.  The energy was really high and raw.  There were a couple of boo-boos, but if you didn’t really know the songs all that well, there was no way you would have noticed.  May 1st though, in Anaheim was definitely a different experience.  It is very hard to explain HOW it was different, but it was FANTASTIC in a really good way.

The band played some reworked Yes songs, some reworked Jean-Luc Ponty songs with lyrics from Jon Anderson, and Jean-Luc Ponty songs with such grace and power.  It really did leave the audience wanting more.  Some of my favorites from the show were “Long Distance Runaround”, “Jig”, “Infinite Mirage”, “Soon”, “New Country” and “Enigmatic Oceans part 1 and 2”.  The interaction between the band while they are playing is incredible.  You can see they all like working together and doing what they are doing.

The solo’s that happen during the songs are also incredible.  Jon Anderson’s voice is still going strong and a pleasure to hear.  The violin from Jean-Luc Ponty is just incredible.  I just watched in awe and the sweet tones that came forth.  Jamie Glaser has some fantastic guitar solos.  He makes the guitar sing like none other.  Keith Jones did a fantastic bass guitar solo as an intro to “Roundabout”.  It left me wanting more bass.  Wally Minko’s piano playing was just amazing.  I play the piano, but I don’t PLAY like he does.  It was inspiring for me to see someone of that caliber playing.  With Wally, Jamie and Keith, Jean-Luc does a lot of “call and response” type of things with them.  When you see how they interact with the song “Jig” it’s clear that these men really do enjoy what they do and are truly masters of their instruments.  No concert is complete without a drum solo.  Rayford Griffin does a fantastic drum solo during “Enigmatic Oceans part 2”.  It’s more than a drum solo though.  He pretty much put on a drum clinic for the audience…which, by the way, was just awe-inspiring to see.  It made me want to go home and pick up my drum sticks and practice my rudiments all over again.

I will be honest, I was always a Jon Anderson and a Yes fan, but prior to seeing APB this past November, I didn’t know that much about Jean-Luc Ponty.  However, after seeing him perform for a second and third time, I have a new appreciation for the violin and for jazz-fusion.  Would I go see this again?  Yes.  Absolutely.  I personally think you would be in for not only a treat to your ears, but also, you would be in for a healing of the soul.

A little bit about me…

A little bit about me…

Hi.  Let me introduce you to me.  I am Michelle.  I am trying my hand at blogging/writing.  Here’s the thing.  I want to be a journalist in areas that I really love.  My first love is music.  I have always loved music.  I have played the piano since I was 6 years old.  Some of my heroes in regards to pianists (in no particular order) are Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Geoff Downes, Gary Brooker, Patrick Moraz, Igor Khoroshev, Aaron Emerson…if you notice a trend here, it’s that I like a lot of people that are in the prog rock world.  I also play drums.  I have been playing since I was 14 years old.  My favorite drummers are Carl Palmer, Alan White, Bill Bruford, Nick Mason, Phil Collins, Charlie Watts, Buddy Rich…yeah.  That pattern of prog rockers is here.  The reality is that I grew up listening to a lot of Rolling Stones, Beatles, Yes, Pink Floyd, ELP, Buggles, Genesis, Linda Ronstadt, Barbara Mandrell and the Eagles.  I’m not going to say I am a rock expert, a prog rock expert, or a music expert in general.  I just want to write about what makes me tick.  The things I like about the music and things I don’t.  Anyway, that’s it for my first blog post.  I hope you’ll continue to read as I develop this blog more.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Anderson.

Peace out.